How To Eat

Time Duration2 minutes

Most Childrens Or Adults Out There Don’t Know How To Eat Decently, Here Are Some Steps On “How To Eat” Below.



  1. Choose Any Prepared Meal Of Your Choice, If You Don’t Know How To Cook, You Can Find Some Answers On Google Search.
  2. Set Your Preferred Meal On The Table, Then Pick Up Your Cutlery (Spoon Or Fork) Based On The Food You Are Eating, But We’ll Be Using Spoon For This Tutorial.
  3. Deep Your Spoon Into Your Food.
  4. Bend The Spoon in the Food To Pick Up Your Food Grains, Please Note, Don’t Rush On This.
  5. After Picking Up The Food Grains, Then Deep it into your mouth with the Spoon, After The Food Grains Drops On Your Tongue, Remove The Spoon And Repeat The Above Steps.


Guide For Getting The Best Meal

  • Eat Home Made Food Often, Don’t Rely To Much On Fast Foods (ex. Burger, Chips, Pizza, etc..).
  • Make an eating plan For Yourself (this makes it easy for meal preparation).
  • Always Include Water To Your Meal, Avoid Taking Too Much Sugary Drinks.
  • Don’t Eat To Much.
  • Don’t Talk While Eating.