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A calm, relaxing workspace is also a healthy and happy workspace. But when your office is in your home, everyday distractions can lead to ineffective workdays. With just a few tweaks, though, you can make your office space much more comfortable, which will also make it easier for you to focus.

Whether your desk is the dining room table or you have a full-on traditional den, there’s no good reason why your home office can’t be both comfortable and functional. If you implement just a few of these tweaks, it can reduce any physical strain and lead to better productivity.

Clutter-Free Is the Way to Be

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From piles of laundry to the constant racket from other rooms, trying to get some actual work done in a home office can be exhausting. However, no matter where your workstation might be, if it’s messy and chaotic, this just adds to any mental exhaustion.

If you know you’ll now be working from home indefinitely, it’s time to transform that space and make it your own. The best way to get started is with a bit of organization, and a few of these handy accessories will help you declutter:

Comfy Additions


A comfortable workspace means staying warm, setting yourself up with adequate lighting, and even establishing some privacy.

It also means eliminating discomfort wherever possible, as well as any risk of injury. These items were all designed to lessen muscle fatigue and help you get you through your workday a bit more comfortably:



Once you’ve decluttered and comfied things up a bit, it’s time to personalize your space. Sometimes, all it takes is a few canvases and some ambient lighting to set the mood. Artificial planters can liven things up with some color, while artwork and a few rugs can give your home office a casual, but still professional, vibe.

Here are some décor pieces we love:

If your messy desk or office is a major barrier to your productivity, it’s time to harness the power of decluttering and tame all that chaos! Not only will you be able to focus much easier, but you’ll also feel more relaxed and comfortable throughout your workday.

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