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A new Spotify bug makes it impossible to access the app’s media controls. This bug, which only affects Android users, makes the Spotify Now Playing bar, notification control pane, and homescreen widget disappear. It also prevents Spotify from automatically pausing when you play audio through other apps.

Android began experiencing this bug after updating to Spotify version, which launched on April 7th. Spotify has acknowledged the problem and claims that it mainly affects Samsung phones, though I’ve seen plenty of complaints from other Android users, including those with Google Pixel devices.

@AskSpotifyStars @Spotify what happened to the now playing bar? It keeps disappearing in the last Android update. And the home screen widget won’t show anything either. And it will continue playing over other audio if you play audio from another app. Force close fixed Def a bug. pic.twitter.com/UQ9aUUh13n

— Budski Bucatelle.#CryptoCocktailHour (@deaftolight) April 14, 2022

While we don’t know why this bug exists, it may have something to do with the redesigned Now Playing bar in Spotify version The bar now features a glassy design with rounded edges—at least, that’s what it looks like when it actually shows up.

If you run into this bug, I suggest restarting Spotify until the Now Playing bar returns. It’s a temporary fix, but it’s the only thing that’s worked for me (and several users on Twitter, Reddit, and the Spotify support forum). Unfortunately, Spotify doesn’t allow sites like APK Mirror to share older versions of its app, so downgrading to an older version of Spotify is difficult and risky.

Your best bet is to wait for another Spotify update. The company is aware of this bug and working on a solution. We just hope that Spotify rolls out a fix within the next few days.

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