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A lot of popular music coming out these days often has melancholic lyrics and heavy set of instruments. And oftentimes, these are celebrated by listeners as they find these songs more relatable. But for New Hope Club, they opted to go for a more optimistic message in their music, and by doing so, they hope to spread positivity among their listeners.

“During lockdown we just decided to lessen enough negativity already in the world, and we don’t really need to put any more out,” New Hope Club member Reece Bibby said. “If we can spread a little bit of positivity from all corners of the world… that’s amazing for us.”

Reece added that their band name “New Hope Club” explains what their music is about—giving hope amid adversities.

He explained, “The band itself is called ‘New Hope Club’ which gives a very strong message and we wanted to be a [band] where our fans come and listen to our music and have a very good time and forget about whatever is going on in the world, because I think we can sometimes get a lot even for ourselves.”

“So yeah, we wanna be a positive band that spreads positivity,” he concludes.

Music is therapeutic as well, George Smith added. He said, “A song is also a form of therapy where you can… write your feelings on a piece of paper [and] it’s kind of like you get rid of it.”

“It is a form of therapy for us but I think every single person during the pandemic was going through the same situation whether with their relationships with friends or family and others,” George further explained.

However, spreading positivity through music is just one of the reasons why they are consistent in releasing “feel-good” music.

According to Reese, the decision to release buoyant music is because they wanted to veer away from most popular music which are often emotional and blue.

“We’ve always felt as a band to try not to do what everyone else is doing, I think, especially in pop music,” he said. “It’s like the songs are very similar and we wanted to get out of that cycle.”

From becoming a band to forming a bond

Pop trio New Hope Club is composed of Reece Bibby, Blake Richardson, and George Smith. It was formed in 2015, about the same year when Reece’s former band Stereo Kicks broke up.

According to George, the band was formed on October 4, 2015 at exactly 6 in the evening.

Almost seven years have passed now, and George said that throughout, they have all become closer.

George said, “We’ve all grown up [and] as we got older, we just got a lot closer as friends, as bandmates and as brothers, I’d say we are brothers now, right? Not legally but we are definitely as close as brothers would be.”

“We became a lot closer with each other,” he sums up.

Being close together and comfortable with each other now, George told a story about the time they were in a cab and talked about their past relationships. That conversation sparked them inspiration for a new song, and the next day, they came up with a new song in less than an hour.

That song happens to be their new release, “Call Me a Quitter,” which was released this year.

George explained that their recent songs are more personal compared to the earlier releases. He said, “We’ve been much more personal in this music. For starters, the main reason why it is more personal is that it is a song that came from us and we may like it for every song basically started with us so that’s one of the main reasons why it is more personal.”

Expressing that the song is unique to the band members, George added, “It’s exciting that we’re finally showing it to the world and we’re rockin’ it. Any inspiration can come from anywhere. The way it’s timed, the way it is based and we just wanted to write our song for a specific reason so it kinda came out of nowhere.”

“Call Me a Quitter” is available in music streaming platforms.

Image credits: Claire Gillen/UMG

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