AMD Ryzen 5000 and Pro 6000 Mobile Processors Officially Announced

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AMD Ryzen 5000 and Pro 6000 Mobile Processors Officially Announced

The AMD Ryzen (Pro) 5000 and Pro 6000 series are officially announced. These will be the mobile CPUs found in next-generation AMD laptops moving forward. In this article, we’ll discuss and summarize the specifics for both chipset lineups.

Let’s start off with the AMD Ryzen Pro 5000 U-series. It will be launching with the tagline “thin and light performance for business.” These will feature from 4 to 8 high-performance Zen cores in the AMD Ryzen 3 to 7 variants respectively. The non-pro versions will be getting the exact same speeds, but without the pro add-ons.

This includes the Pro-level multilayered security system with Microsoft Pluton support which protects data from chip to cloud. Another Pro bonus is “a dedicated processor integrated into the CPU for advanced manageability.” This will simplify the deployment and management of tasks at scale. Due to the efficient Zen 3 processors, an HP Probook (set as the example) is able to run for 20.5 hours. That’s some solid battery life right there.

5000-series chips will start to ship in laptops during the year. Devices slated to come with the chipset preinstalled include the HP ThinkPad L-series, 14/15, and E-series. From HP’s end will come the HP EliteBook 645/655 G9 and some ProBooks.

Moving up the ladder, we get the AMD Ryzen Pro 6000-series. These are rocking the upgraded Zen 3+ processors with 6nm manufacturing technology. AMD advertises these to be cutting-edge and promises 1.3x CPU performance while maintaining chilly thermals. The AMD RDNA 2.0 integrated GPU on the other hand commits to double the power as compared to previous iterations, with support for up to four 4K displays and HDMI 2.1.

The Pro 6000 U-series finds itself slightly above the 5000, while the 6000 H-series stands at the top of the ecosystem with the tagline “ultimate performance for professionals.” Their in-house benchmarks also show the AMD Ryzen Pro 6000 U-series dominating the Intel Core i7 12th-gen P series.

In the overall charts, the former nearly doubles the latter in true metrics. This advantage applies even to mundane tasks such as office processing, which may be less noticeable to the average person.

Despite the increased power, the 6000 series manages to consume less energy than its siblings in the Ryzen 5000 lineup. If true, then that leads to an even more substantial advantage over the non-AMD competition. The numbers AMD has posted are up to 29 hours of video playback and 45% longer battery life for Microsoft Teams video conferencing. Of course, everything mentioned regarding the Pro series earlier applies here too.

Laptops confirmed to be delivered with these 6000-series chips installed include the top-of-the-line HP EliteBooks, Thinkpad Z-series, Thinkpad T-series, among others. This will truly be a top-shelf chipset for only the most intensive of power users.




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