Arcade1Up’s ‘Dragon’s Lair’ Cabinet Will Have You Slaying Dragons at Home – Review Geek


Last January, Arcade1Up announced arguably its best retro arcade cabinet lineup, and after a few delays, our favorite of the bunch is finally available. Yes, we’re talking about the Arcade1Up Dragon’s Lair machine.

This is one of those games everyone has played at some point, being ported to console after console, not to mention turned into TV and comic book series. Of course, the original 1983 Dragon’s Lair arcade cabinet is what started it all, letting us slay dragons for a quarter at a time, and that’s what you can buy today.

For those unaware, Arcade1Up builds retro arcade machines from the good ol’ days, only in slightly smaller sizes and at a price affordable enough for you to throw one in your home, man cave, or game room.

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We were thrilled to see Dragon’s Lair being built, a retro cabinet the company says glows with nostalgia and is the closest replica around. Everything about it screams the 1980s. From the light-up marquee at the top, the iconic hand-drawn graphics from the original machine, and even faux quarter slots on the front.

If you’re like the writers here at ReviewGeek and own a few Arcade1Up cabinets already, you’ll be happy to see this features a design unlike any of the others. The shape, angles, and control station all look vastly different from other machines the company offers and matches that of the original when we were all kids.

And while the original Dragon’s Lair is the obvious draw here, this is one of those cabinets that comes with multiple games. It’ll also come with the follow-up Dragon Lair’s 2, and Space Ace. Better yet, Arcade1Up says the original 4-by-3 HD transfer of the original arcade game is here too. 

Basically, any Dragon’s Lair fan will absolutely love this retro cabinet. It’s available today for $649, early birds can get $50 off, and it’ll start shipping later this summer. Grab yours from the buy box below.

Article From: HowToGeek