Best Phone Battery Life For 2022(Q1) In The Philippines

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Best Phone Battery Life For 2022(Q1) In The Philippines (That We’ve Tested)

The start of summer is here and with that, we bid the first quarter of the year goodbye. In the short 3 months of Q1, we’ve had the opportunity to test a total of 25 smartphones overall, and we’ve accumulated a lot of data on their performance in day-to-day tasks, including overall battery life. Today we’ll be sharing a slice of the data we’ve collected, specifically what device has the best phone battery life for the first quarter of 2022 in the Philippines.

The vivo Y21T lasted quite a long time in our battery benchmark test.

While every tech outfit has its own way of collecting battery data, Unbox uses PCMark’s Battery Benchmark. It’s been a reliable way for us to collect battery information on the devices sent to us for review, and while it’s a few years old now, it’s still a good benchmark of how well a particular smartphone fares in terms of battery life to a set of instructions repeated over and over again.

The realme 9 Pro didn’t do so bad either

The use of the battery benchmark removes the human factor as far as battery testing is concerned, as once you start it, it’ll run until the phone’s battery hits 20%. So the battery life numbers you’ll see in this article are battery runs from 100% to 20%, not to 0%. To make things fair, all phones are connected to the internet via WiFi when the test is run and have their display intensity taken off auto and set at 50% brightness. Volume is also set at 50%. Using the phone in any manner to check notifications will cancel the test, so there is no human interaction with the phone that might skew the test.

The ROG Phone 5s Pro scored surprisingly well despite having a high-performance proccessor


Finally, you’ll probably notice that phones with flagship chipsets tend to have lower overall battery scores than devices that have mid-range or budget chips. That’s because performance-oriented chipsets like Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 typically have higher frequencies for their processors and GPUs, and tend to sip more power than say, a mid-range chip. Think of it like an engine in a car – the higher the performance of the engine, the faster you’ll be able to go but the more gas it’ll consume. A Porsche 911 will consume more gas per liter than a Mitsubishi Mirage, for example.

That out of the way, here are the scores, presented in hours:minutes.

Best Phone Battery Life For 2022(Q1) In The Philippines

Qualcomm is the big winner in this list, as the top 5 phones in this list sport their chipsets. Specifically the Snapdragon 680 and 695 chips, which have become increasingly popular choices for budget and mid-range phones. It’s also important to note that both chips utilize 6nm lithography which contributes to their overall energy efficiency.

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