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Ben Gold

Smart home enthusiasts may want to apply for a job at Google. The company just launched a new “dLight” smart lamp exclusively for its employees. The product will “likely never be for sale outside of the company,” much to our disappointment.

The delightful dLight lamp performs two key functions. The first is obvious—it’s a freakin’ desk lamp. But the second function of this desk lamp, and the reason Google is selling it to employees, is a 90-degree swiveling hinge. This hinge lets the user shine dLight’s bright white bulb directly at their face.

Awesome. Yeah, that sounds super useful.

Working at a giant tech company is weird and cool. I just got a lamp that was designed and engineered in house, not available to anyone besides employees. It’s a whole ass product that will likely never be on sale to the public. Yes, you can control it with Google Assistant.

— Ben Gold (@bengold) February 11, 2022

I’m kidding; it’s actually pretty useful. The dLight is a work from home amenity to improve lighting during video calls. And with Google Assistant voice controls, Google employees can roll out of bed, log into a meeting, and activate dLight with minimal effort.

After some snooping, EIC of 9to5Google Abner Li found the dLight’s FCC listing. The light supports 802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi and is manufactured by HCC Teletron (HK) Technology Co, which may be a subsidiary of Foxconn.

If you can’t get a job at Google, I guess you could visit Hong Kong and try to steal a dLight from the factory … I’m making a bad joke, please don’t do this. You should probably just bug Google until it sells dLight to the public.

Source: Ben Gold

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