Darna Costume of Jane de Leon “Paiba-iba”? Netizens React

Netizens noticed the change in Darna costume

The Darna costume of Jane de Leon appeared to have changed and netizens shared their reactions to this.

Fans have long been awaiting this TV series as this project encountered quite a lot of unexpected delays. Last month, Darna has officially soared. Jane is honored to play the titular role and wearing the costume for the first time made her emotional.

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However, just recently, netizens something about the costume or costumes that Jane wore. They noticed the changes that happened in the Darna costume during a scene.

Netizens shared photos showing that Jane was wearing costumes with two different designs. From the emblem’s position in her headpiece to the belt, and the design at the side of her bottom wardrobe.

“Ako lang ba nakapansin? Bakit magkaiba?” Twitter user @Joshpetiness asked. It can be noticed that these two costumes are also different from what Jane was wearing for the official poster of the series.

With this, several netizens also expressed their reactions to these costume changes. There was one netizen who pointed out that this change happened in one scene. Apparently, viewers noticed that there was no continuity while some just made some funny remarks about this.

Twitter user @_nisanjo shared a screenshot of the post that Ian Villa, who said that he is the script supervisor of the series, shared. In his post, he answered the questions of the netizens regarding the different Darna emblems.

Fans of the series shared their funny theories regarding the Darna costume changes. He explained that prior to the approval from the Ravelo family, they were already using the “unapproved” version for the shooting of fight scenes. This was changed after the family approved the emblem that is now being used. The script survivor also shared his favorite theory.

What can you say about this?

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