Darren Espanto Proud That He Killed a Cockroach at His Age Now

Darren Espanto Proud to Kill a Cockroach at 21 Years Old

The Filipino-Canadian singer Darren Espanto shared that he is proud that he killed a cockroach at the age of 21.

On Twitter, Darren Espanto recounted a personal triumph of which he was really proud. He claimed that after spending 21 years on earth, he had finally accomplished something of which he was extremely proud.

The performer claimed that he had successfully killed a cockroach. The fact that the artist cheerfully published it on Twitter suggests that he must have been really proud of it.

“I can proudly say, that in my 21 years of existence, today…I finally killed a cockroach,” he said in his Twitter post.

I can proudly say, that in my 21 years of existence, today…I finally killed cockroach. 👍

— Darren (@Espanto2001) September 7, 2022

The tweet definitely amused many of his followers who considered it to be hilarious and amusing. While some of his admirers have expressed their pride in him, others have made light of his accomplishments.

Canadian Filipino singer Darren Lyndon Gonzales Espanto was born in Calgary, Alberta. When he was ten years old, he entered his first contest and went on to win the Edmonton Pinoy Singing Sensation competition’s Masters Finals.

The musician and actor widely known for his covers of Sia songs including “Chandelier.” He made his first television appearance at the same age he joined YTV’s reality series The Next Star in 2012, making him the show’s youngest-ever finalist to make it to the Top 6.

Nevertheless, he became well-known after participating in the inaugural season of The Voice Kids Philippines. On June 1st, 2014, Espanto also joined Star Magic on ABS-CBN. Espanto is currently one of the most sought-after and financially viable teen pop performers out there.

His followers are not just in his native Philippines or his nation of adoption, Canada. In the United States and throughout the world, Darren has a devoted fan base known as “Darrenatics,” who make sure that every performance by their favorite celebrity is sold out and that every album is a hit.

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