Debunking three common plant myths

Are you one of those who have been called into the plantito or plantita way of life? If yes, you must’ve heard about a couple of myths surrounding your greens. To name a few, CHERRY lists down the top three things you might have encountered but shouldn’t actually believe:


Did you also grow up in a plant-loving household? If that’s the case, then gravel in the bottom of flower pots should be a common sight. However, it’s time to leave that practice behind now that you are a plantita yourself. Contrary to common belief, gravel don’t actually improve drainage. In fact, the roots would only have to suffer through exposure to waterlogged soil which isn’t exactly healthy for your plants. Instead of adding an extra layer of rocks, you can use paper towel to prevent soil from coming out of your pot’s drainage hole.


You see your plant’s leaves turn yellow? Everyone’s diagnosis—overwatering! While that can be true, it isn’t the only and shouldn’t be the default factor. Leaves turn yellow for a couple of reasons which include not watering your plant enough, overexposure to sunlight, and temperature changes. It is important to not immediately rule out the possible causes so you can properly address the problem and bring back the healthy and vibrant color of your plant.


Most of the time, plants wilt because they don’t get sufficient amount of water. But, before you drown your poor perched plant, try to assess the condition of the soil first. If the soil is fairly moist, then your plant must be wilting for some other reasons like pests or improper exposure to sunlight.

Some also say that busy individuals are incapable of taking care of plants. And, with the Cherry Home Smart Hydroponic Plant Box, that may as well be a myth in the making. With this innovation that is especially designed for modern plantitos and plantitas, you now can look over your seedlings even if you’re away. All you have to do is monitor them through the Cherry Home application that is downloadable for free via Google Play and App Store, and basically let the Hydroponic Plant Box do the rest of the work. This product from Cherry Home is equipped with LED lights that function as alternative sunlight with three light levels—morning, afternoon, and sundown—whatever suits your plants’ needs. Meanwhile, to keep your plants properly hydrated, it also has built-in water and pump. Both features can be scheduled through the application. If in any case you’ve been too busy to check on your plants, you can assure that they’d still be grown in a fitting environment as this product is outfitted with advance water-level, temperature, and humidity sensors. Another good news for plantitos and halamums, you can get the Cherry Home Smart Hydroponic Plant Box for as low as P6,399.20 from its P7,999 original SRP until August 31, 2022.

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