Eskinita in English – Translate “Eskinita” in English

Counterpart of Eskinita in English & Sample Sentences

ESKINITA IN ENGLISH – Are you looking for the English translation of the term “eskinita”? Here’s its English counterpart.

Undeniably, a lot of people are doubtful when it comes to the translations of certain Tagalog words in English. In this article, we will review the meaning of the term “eskinita”. We will also discover its counterpart in the English language.

What is “eskinita”?

Eskinita is a Tagalog term that refers to a narrow passageway between or behind two (2) houses, buildings, or other infrastructures. It is usually used to refer to the passageway in squatter areas.

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 What is “eskinita” in English?

After knowing about the exact meaning of the word, surely many of us want to know not only the English translation of the word eskinita but also some examples of sentences using it.

Eskinita in English = Alley

Mga halimbawa ng mga pangungusap na gumagamit ng salitang eskinita:

1. Palaging naglalaro ang magkaibigang Romeo at Vincent sa eskinita tuwing umaga at hapon.

2. Sino ba iyong babaeng kausap mo kahapon sa may eskinita?

3. Parte ng pelikulang gagawan ni Direk Monique ay kukunan sa eskinita sa Tondo.

4. Alam ba ni Mang Ronald na sa eskinita na lang natin siya sasalubungin?

5. Masyadong maliit ang kanilang lugar at pawang mga eskinita lang ang mga daan roon.

Examples of sentences using the term alley:

1. The mayor passed by the alley on the way to the house of the victim’s family.

2. Did Simon greet you when he passed by the alley going to Roque’s house?

3. How long is the alley going to the end of the street?

4. The local government proposed to widen the alley and set up a garden to beautify the place.

5. The incident took place at the alley near the house of Veronica.

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