Get a Discounted Samsung SSD to Celebrate World Backup Day – Review Geek


Protecting your data is a lifelong chore, but March 31st is the one day a year that we celebrate World Backup Day. This annual “holiday” centers around data awareness and education, though of course, you can’t really back up your data without a storage drive. That’s why Samsung is slashing prices on its most popular SSDs!

These deals are available through April 3rd:

  • Samsung T7 SSD
    • 500GB: $78 ($17 off)
    • 1TB: $110 ($30 off)
    • 2TB: $220 ($50 off)
  • Samsung T7 Touch SSD
  • Samsung T5 SSD
    • 1TB: $110 ($30 off)
    • 2TB: $230 ($20 off)

I strongly suggest ignoring the Samsung T5 deal unless the T7 goes out of stock. Both drives are nearly identical, though the T7 features data transfer rates of 1,050MBps—over twice the speed of the 540MBps Samsung T5.

And for those who plan to encrypt their drive, the T7 Touch may be the best option. All of these Samsung SSDs can be encrypted and password-protected, but only the T7 Touch features a fingerprint sensor for user verification.

Samsung may introduce new discounts throughout the week, and of course, we’ll update this article with any new deals. If you want future deals and stories in your inbox, feel free to join our free newsletter.

Article From: HowToGeek