Gitgit Instrument – What Is The Gitgit Instrument Of Mindoro?

Some things to know about the gitgit instrument that you should know!

GITGIT INSTRUMENT – Mindoro’s stringed instrument called gitgit is a part of our country’s culture and here are some things about this.

The country is rich in cultural history which includes musical instruments. Music, since time immemorial, has always been a part of our lives and of our society. It is the music that gives life to many things and speaks of what we feel. Through music, we were able to relay our emotions to other people and many kinds and pieces of music have spoken tales and stories about our past and history.

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And among the music of Mindoro is the gitgit instrument. This is a stringed bow made in bueo (a variety of bamboo). The term for the instrument was coined from the word “igot-igot” which translates to squeaky sounds.

This instrument is similar to the lit-git of Panay-bukidnon people and “biyulin kang Bontok” of Bontok province. This two-stringed instrument of Mindoro 3 or 4 strings made of human hair. Its body is made of wood and it is bowed, not plucked.

Apart from gitgit (chordophones), other musical instruments of Mindoro are Bangsi (aerophones), a wind instrument, Buray Dipay (idiophones), a percussion instrument, Batiwtiw (a stringed instrument), Kinaban which is made from bamboo, Kudlong, and many others. These pieces are used during festivals, rituals, courtship, and other activities.

Meanwhile, the island of Mindoro is found 25 miles north of Luzon and this is divided into two – Occidental and Oriental. The capital city of Oriental is Calapan, while Occidental is Mamburao.


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