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Justin Duino

Google is now rolling out a Fast Emergency Dialer (FED) for the Pixel lockscreen. This dialer automatically sources emergency numbers based on your location, so you can quickly call police, fire, or medical services at home or when traveling internationally.

The Fast Emergency Dialer first appeared in Google’s Emergency app last year. Today’s rollout, which appears to be a server-side update, simply adds FED to your lockscreen and power menu (the box that shows up when you try to restart or turn off your Pixel).

Here are the features available in FED:

  • Quick Access: To call an emergency number with one action, use the slider.
  • Automatic Emergency Numbers: Your phone finds emergency numbers automatically, even when you travel.
  • Multiple Emergency Numbers: Your phone finds available numbers for your area, like Police, Fire, or medical services. Use the slider for the emergency service you need.

Tapping the emergency button on your lockscreen gives you an overview of local emergency numbers, allowing you to pick which emergency service is appropriate for your situation. (It’s basically an updated version of the regular emergency button on Android devices.)

If you want to access FED through the power menu, you’ll need to unlock your device first. Then, you need to follow your Pixel phone’s instructions to bring up the power menu—this is different for every Pixel device and Android version, by the way. Google’s Support page explains how to access the power menu on all Pixel devices.

Google’s new FED feature should arrive on your Pixel device in the coming days. If it isn’t enabled on your device yet, you’ll still have access to the standard emergency dialer. Bear in mind that FED isn’t available in all regions just yet.

Source: 9to5Google

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