Google Introduces Chrome OS Flex for PC and Mac

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Google Introduces Chrome OS Flex for PC and Mac

Google has released the Chrome OS Flex, an operating system that converts your PC or Mac into a Chromebook or Chromebox.

With Google Chrome OS Flex, you can get the full features of a Chromebook in a PC or Mac. This includes the full operating system, Google Assistant, regular updates, Google Play Store, etc.

The Chrome OS Flex is based on the same Chrome OS found in Chromebooks. It is Google’s way to deploy large fleets of Chromebooks for business and education use at only a fraction of the cost.

The whole operating system is free and open to the public, users only have to install it in a PC- or Mac- based machine. The best part is that it works even in old models as it is not very hardware demanding. This also means that your old PC or Mac could have another chance in life.

Fortunately, Chrome OS is no longer the basic operating system like it was when it was launched—designed just to access the web and nothing else.  It is now a fully featured and impressively polished computing solution. In addition, Chromebooks are now a genuinely practical and often advantageous option for business, personal, and education-related use.

Article From: HowToGeek