Hasselblad Cameras Will Now Be On OPPO Flagship Devices

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Hasselblad Cameras Will Now Be On OPPO Flagship Devices

OPPO Product Development VP Pete Lau has proudly announced the company’s partnership with legendary optics company Hasselblad for the development of the shooters on its upcoming flagship devices. They will be the second company after OnePlus to do so.

This similar decision is likely due to the fact that OnePlus and OPPO had a merger last year, although they still operate independently. The partnership between the smartphone manufacturer and camera developer will last 3 years.

In this span of time, the project pipeline aims to progress the color calibration technology in mobile cameras. The goal is to deliver consistent and natural colors that will bring the realism of the real world, behind the lens.

The company could also further develop the advancements they presented in 2021, with 5-axis Motion Shake technology as the future of ultra-steady OIS. We could be seeing an increase in stabilization angle by as much as 65%, and a bump up to stabilization accuracy by around 3.5x. That’s an immense upgrade if you consider how well modern devices handle stabilization at present. Low-light photography would also be heavily supported by such a feature.

Whatever OPPO and Hasselblad are looking to do, it appears to be serious. These are highly likely to optimize the capabilities of the all-new MariSilicion X Imaging NPU chip developed in-house, which is revealing itself with the Find X5. Competitors better watch out.

Article From: HowToGeek