How to Delete a WhatsApp Contact

If you no longer want to communicate with a person, it’s a good idea to delete their contact from your WhatsApp list. This way they no longer clutter your chat list, and we’ll show you how to do that from your iPhone or Android phone.

When you delete a WhatsApp contact, you basically delete the contact from your phone’s address book. This means the contact is entirely gone from your phone, and it will not be available in other apps on your phone. There is no way to remove the contact from WhatsApp without removing it from your phone, though blocking someone on WhatsApp may achieve a similar effect.

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Remove a WhatsApp Contact on iPhone or Android

To start the contact removal process, launch WhatsApp on your iPhone or Android phone.

In WhatApp’s top bar, tap the “Chats” tab.

In the “Chats” tab’s bottom-right corner, tap the “New Chat” icon.

All your WhatsApp contacts will be displayed. Here, find and tap the contact to delete.

On the contact’s chat screen, at the top, tap the contact name.

If you use an iPhone, then tap Edit > Delete Contact to remove the contact.

If you are on Android, then in the top-right corner, tap the three dots and select “View in Address Book.”

In the top-right corner, tap the three dots and choose “Delete.”

Confirm the contact removal by tapping “Delete” in the prompt.

And your selected contact is now removed from WhatsApp as well as your phone. You’re all set.

Have you mistakenly deleted a contact? If so, it’s easy to add contacts in WhatsApp, and you can add back all your favorite people in no time.

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