How to Merge and Split Tables in Google Docs

It’s easy to insert and customize tables in Google Docs, giving structure to data in your document. However, if a time comes when you want to merge two tables or split one table into two, it’s not an obvious process.

Joining and splitting tables in Google Docs isn’t difficult. It’s just that there’s no magic button and it takes a few steps. So, let’s take a look at how to merge and split tables for your next Google Doc.

Merge Tables in Google Docs

You can merge two tables into one in Google Docs by inserting rows at the end of the first table and then cutting and pasting the second table into those rows.

If the second table has a header row that needs to be removed, you can do this by selecting the row, right-clicking, and choosing “Delete Row.”

To insert a row in the first table, place your cursor in a cell in the current bottom row. Then, right-click and choose “Insert Row Below.” Alternatively, you can go to the far-right, bottom cell of the table and press Tab to insert a row. Repeat this process for the number of rows you need to add.

With your new rows in place, select the second table. You can do this by dragging your cursor through it to highlight all cells.

Either click Edit > Cut from the menu or right-click a selected cell and choose “Cut.”

Place your cursor in the first cell where you will paste the other table. This should be the empty cell on the upper left of the rows you added.

Either click Edit > Paste from the menu or right-click and choose “Paste.”

You’ll then have your two tables merged into one.

Tip: You can also use keyboard shortcuts in Google Docs for the cut and paste actions.

Split a Table in Google Docs

When you split a table in Google Docs, you’re basically moving the rows out of a table. This means that once you do, you’ll need to delete the empty rows in the original table.

Select the rows you want to split into a new table by dragging your cursor through them. This highlights all cells.

With the rows selected, drag them downward from the table. You’ll see your cursor appear below the table as you do this.

Release and the rows will be moved out of the table into one of their own. As an alternative, you can also cut and paste the rows to create the new table.

You can then delete the empty rows from the first table. Select the rows as you did initially which highlights all cells.

Right-click a highlighted cell and pick “Delete X Rows” from the shortcut menu.

You’ll then be left with your two separate tables.

Until Google Docs provides a move handle to join tables or a Split Table button like Microsoft Word, these workarounds should have you manipulating your tables easily.

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