How to Turn Off the “Sign in with Google” Prompt on Websites

Certain websites show a “Sign in with Google” prompt to help you quickly sign in to that website. If you’re sick of this prompt, there’s a way to disable it from your Google account’s settings menu. Here’s how.

Disable the “Sign in with Google” Prompt on Websites

The “Sign in with Google” prompt is tied to your Google account and not to a particular web browser. This means that you’ll need to disable the prompt in your account to prevent it from appearing across all your web browsers, including both desktop and mobile browsers.

To start the removal process, launch the Google My Account site in a web browser on your Windows, Mac, or Linux computer. Then, log in to your Google account if you haven’t already done so.

When the site loads, select “Security” in the sidebar on the left.

On the “Security” page, scroll down to the “Signing in to Other Sites” section. Here, click the “Signing in with Google” option.

On the next page, under the “Signing in with Google” section, turn off the “Google Account Sign-In Prompts” toggle.

You’ll see an “Updated” message at the lower-left corner of your browser. This tells you that your settings are saved.

Note: If you’re logged in to multiple Google accounts in your web browser, repeat the above process for each account to get rid of the “Sign in with Google” prompt.

And that’s all. You won’t see the “Sign in with Google” prompt on any website from now on!

Like Google, Reddit shows a “See Reddit in” pop-up when you visit the site using a mobile browser. Luckily, there’s a way to disable this prompt, too. Happy browsing!

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Article From: HowToGeek