How to “Win” NVIDIA’s Limited-Edition Aluminum RTX Keycaps – Review Geek


NVIDIA recently announced some new limited-edition GeForce RTX keyboard keycaps, letting fans and enthusiasts show off their love for GeForce. And while we’ve seen some neat keycaps recently, including one that looked like an RTX 3080 last year, this is an official NVIDIA-brand GeForce keycap.

Die-hard gamers or mechanical keyboard fans know all about custom keycaps, which let you replace the keys on a keyboard for something else. What better way to show off your love for GeForce than with a fancy high-end RTX key.

NVIDIA’s RTX keycap isn’t your typical PBT or ABS plastic cap. No, these are made from brushed aluminum. It might not offer the best typing experience, but it’ll surely be more durable than plastic. And while this won’t overclock your GPU or make you better at gaming, it’s still pretty awesome. That said, we imagine enthusiasts will find a way to put it to use on a custom key.


Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like NVIDIA has any plans on selling these limited-edition aluminum keycaps. Instead, fans and die-hard gamers will have to “win” one from the company. If you want to bring some RTX magic to your keyboard, you’ll have to follow NVIDIA GeForce on social media and hope you get lucky.

If you want to win an RTX keycap, follow NVIDIA on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram, where the company will share more information on how and when you could win. Then, NVIDIA will be looking for replies and responses from fans that have a passion for gaming, love their GeForce graphics card, or whoever begs enough.

In all seriousness, you can follow the #RTXON hashtag, engage with its social accounts and fellow gamers, and maybe you’ll get a DM saying you won your very own RTX On keycap.

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Article From: HowToGeek