LEGO ‘Horizon Forbidden West’ Set Lets Aloy Ride a Tallneck – Review Geek


Just in time for the new Horizon: Forbidden West video game release, LEGO has announced an epic new Horizon Tallneck set that any die-hard fan will surely love. With big disk-headed robotic dinosaurs, and of course, Aloy is along for the ride as well.

LEGO partnered up with Sony and developers Guerrilla Games on the set, ensuring no detail got left behind. The new LEGO Horizon Forbidden West Tallneck build comes with 1,222 bricks, Watcher robots, and a nearly 14-inch high Tallneck with a huge custom-made LEGO disk head.

According to LEGO, the company used custom bricks and designed clever building techniques to help bring the Tallneck to life. Just look at that stance in the images below.

Like in the game, the Watcher figure comes with a choice of blue, yellow, or red eyes, perfect for any scene or occasion. Fans will be happy to see the complete build shows Horizon’s stunning landscape with an old beat-up stoplight, a birch tree, and other elements.

Horizon’s main character, Aloy, comes as a minifigure wielding a bow and a brick-built spear. You can throw Aloy on top of the Tallneck or put him down in the tall grass to take on a Watcher robot. The the choice is yours.

Unfortunately, even though the new Horizon: Forbidden West game arrives on February 18th, the Tallneck LEGO kit isn’t available until May 1st, and it’ll be $79.99. Grab yours from the buy link below.

Article From: HowToGeek