Manila Water completes make-over of LKK-Taguig North STP Park

Manila Water completes the rehabilitation of the Liwasan ng Kagitingan at Kalikasan-Taguig North Sewage Treatment Plant (LKK-Taguig North STP) Recreational Park.

The make-over, which began in 2021, includes the restoration works of its landscaping and park vegetation, construction of a nature park and lagoon, installation of a pavilion fountain pump, and irrigation works. The rehabilitation also involves the construction of the new COVID-19 Memorial Wall that honors heroes of the pandemic.

While serving as an ideal recreation area for the surrounding communities, the main function of the facility is to treat used water collected from residents in the cities of Taguig and Makati at the sewage treatment plant, built right under the park. The resulting discharge is considered “Class C” effluent which according to the Department of Environment and Natural Resources is safe for recreational water activities and marine life.

Located beside the Libingan ng mga Bayani, the LKK-Taguig North STP Recreational Park was constructed in 2015, in close coordination with the Department of National Defense.

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