Microsoft’s Xbox Mini Fridge Is Now Available for $100 – Review Geek


Finding a next-gen console is practically impossible these days. So, maybe you should settle for a mini fridge. Microsoft finally launched its official Xbox Mini Fridge, a large replica of the Xbox Series X with incredible thermal performance.

We’re surprised that the Xbox Mini Fridge only costs $100. Not only is it decked out with Xbox insignia, but it features green LEDs and a functional USB charging port. Clearly, this is a wonderful little addition to any game room, though it only holds a dozen 12oz soda or beer cans.

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Microsoft first announced the Xbox Mini Fridge during E3 2021. The fridge was scheduled for a holiday release but got delayed until February of 2022.

The Xbox Mini Fridge is available today as a Target exclusive. I suggest ordering it now, as it may go out of stock soon. (Sites like Amazon and Mercari are also selling the fridge, but they’re asking for $200 instead of $100. That’s a good sign that third parties are just reselling the Target Exclusive item for profit!)

Article From: HowToGeek