Mitsubishi Philippines Opens Next-Gen Dendo Drive Station Showroom

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Mitsubishi Philippines Opens Next-Gen Dendo Drive Station Showroom

Initially planned and signed in January of 2020, this is a project that has been a long time coming. Now that pandemic regulations aren’t as restrictive, plans are finally pushing through. Mitsubishi Motors Philippines is finally introducing the first Dendo Drive Station in the country, a next-generation showroom with some interesting additional suite of features.

This project led by Peak Motors Philippines Inc (PMPI) and in collaboration with Meralco shows some love for our Electric Vehicles (EVs). In addition to having the standard Mitsubishi vehicles in the showroom, it also has charging stations for battery-powered cars. These outlets are different from the ones you’d find domestically and should be able to top up EVs in a snap. These wew

That’s only where the fun begins, though. The Mitsubishi Outlander PlugIn Electric Vehicle (PHEV) is set to be the first example of Vehicle-To-Home (V2H) charging technology. What that means is instead of being charged by your wall socket, the vehicle can supply electricity for your household. What a role reversal. It becomes a backup generator on wheels so short-term power outages no longer become as of a concern as they used to be.

But wait, there’s more! Mitsubishi Motors Philippines ups the ante by announcing that the Dendo Drive Station itself is a V2H beacon. It is fully capable of acting as a power source in times of calamity and natural disaster. This is a breath of relief for areas within the station’s radius. The parts and execution for these were handled by Meralco through its subsidiaries. Two charging pods, an IKS bi-directional charger, and a Delta DC Wallbox can be found inside the showroom and at the vehicle receiving area, respectively.

Mitsubishi Motors Philippines CEO Mr. Takeshi Hara had this to say about the Dendo Drive Station: “We are very happy to have achieved this milestone with our dealer partner PMPI and energy provider Meralco. Mitsubishi Motors has always been dedicated to continuously studying technologies and gaining expertise when it comes to vehicle electrification. The Dendo Drive Station is a manifestation of this, bringing a new kind of value in terms of eco-mobility. Designed to be part of our commitment to help achieve a sustainable society by 2030 while at the same time (leave a positive) impact (on) the communities where Mitsubishi Motors dealerships are located. We hope to get more support in helping instill confidence among Filipinos when it comes PHEVs and more importantly shed some light on environmental sustainability.”




Article From: HowToGeek