MUSIC FROM THE HEART | Bazzi on ‘life as a series of movements’

Born to a Lebanese immigrant father and American mother, Bazzi and his dad moved to California during his senior year where he single-handedly wrote and produced a series of viral smashes like “Alone” and “Beautiful,” earning millions of worldwide streams and top 10 placement on a variety of influential playlists. Now armed with what he describes as his “most personal song yet”, Bazzi exhibits a more revealing side of himself.

According to the 24-year old singer-songwriter, “Will It Ever Feel the Same” was written immediately after a recent break up, which explains its gut-wrenching quality as Bazzi genuinely asks the questions he sings to himself.

“When I wrote the song, it was two weeks after the breakup, which took all of the emotions from that and I had put it back into the song,” he explained, “But putting out the record a year and a half later, not really feeling that way anymore, is an interesting thing to do, but I understand the importance as an artist to articulate what some people can’t, so that’s why I felt that coming back to this new era of music, it would be a good place to start that process of storytelling,”

As an artist, Bazzi believes he has the responsibility to “tell the truth” to his audience, which is very much reflected in his songwriting.

“The only way I know how to make music is to pull from my own heart and pull from things that I really feel,” he surmised, “It’s easier for me to write words and melodies when they just come from my heart,”

“Any time I make something personal, I just hope people see whatever they need to see in it and take away what they want. But I’d say if anyone wanted to take away anything from my side, it’s that things won’t be the same, life is a series of movements,” he added.

However, this truthfulness doesn’t just apply to writing music. A well-rounded storyteller, Bazzi is also known for writing his own concepts for his own music videos. For the Bradley Calder-directed music video for “Will It Ever Be The Same,” he shares that the video had a “dark and moody” concept with a “really good juxtaposition.”

“The concept behind the music video is that I wanted to create a parallel between the bright memories in the beginning of the video and when we were separated, I wanted to show the darkness and crowded nature that happens when you’re separated from somebody,” he said.

“Will It Ever Be the Same” is available for streaming on all major streaming platforms courtesy of Atlantic Records.

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