Netflix’s ‘Seoul Vibe’ drives audiences back to 1988

Seoul Vibe is a film about the baby drivers of Sanggye-dong who dreamed of the American dream during the 1988 Seoul Olympics.

Due to an external threat by prosecutor Ahn, the drivers are forced to create slush funds for Myeong-dong’s big-hand “Ms. Kang” to figure out her dirty secret. As a result, they become rising stars in the industry.

The Sanggye-dong friends, who were able to do everything with a “pony pick-up truck,” are now faced in severe danger. After facing the crisis, they wake up and upgrade “Pony+Sonata+Grandeur (local korean cars of the time)” to the level of SUPREME, defeating all the great evils of the time and leaving Korea to realize the American dream.

As part of the promotional efforts for Seoul Vibe, Netflix recently hosted a garage party at One Esplanade at the MOA Complex where it recreated the South Korean action film’s impressive retro production design that took guests back in time to the 1980s.

Photos courtesy of Netflix

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Seoul Vibe is now streaming globally exclusively on Netflix. Watch the official trailer here:

And watch the film’s special featurette here:

Image credits: Netflix

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