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CAREN TEVANNY – “Deliverance”

This synth-infused rock ballad from former General Luna guitarist Caren Tevanny starts slow and its sucker punch lies in lyrics about personal empowerment. Right at the opening stanza, Caren sings, “I won’t stop the things I do/I won’t doubt the things I choose/You can’t change me, not even my name.”

Ms. Tevanny said, “Deliverance” is actually about focusing on your goals and not being affected by anyone at all. On a different level, it can also be like being strong in your faith no matter how strong the devil is or temptation becomes.”

“I wrote the lyrics and music and Vince Lucero produced the track,” she added. “I am working on different approaches on my music right now infusing some digital elements on my guitar riffs and some dance beats in my rock approach.

GERALD SANTOS – “Ibulong Mo Na Sa ‘Kin”

Singer-thespian Gerald Santos has a new song penned by journalist-musician Yugel Losorata. Santos shared, “‘Ibulong Mo Na Sa ‘Kin’  is very now! It’s relatable and this generation will definitely love this song. This song is actually away from my usual ‘heavy-themed’ music which is a breath of fresh air for me!”

The track, according to its songwriter Yugel, gives a nod to the intense power of whispering to someone that you love him/her. The lyrics tell about one who has done his/her special someone wrong and is now asking for forgiveness. Losorata, author of two books, is the chief songwriter and bass player of the band The Pub Forties.


The new single from Arthur Miguel titled “Huli” is a serenade from the perspective of a man reciting his wedding vow. The song revolves around the things that make relationships magical and extraordinary. The song will remind everyone that there will be a person who’s gonna stay with you through ups and downs and give the love that you deserve.

Arthur Miguel Quimpo, also known as Arthur Miguel, is a 22 year old recording artist whose video uploads achieved widespread success in the early pandemic era. Some of his trending tracks are “Dito, Sa Ilalim Ng Buwan” and “Ang Wakas.”

JRLDM – “Biktima”

JRLDM’s “Biktima” captures the sentiment of a collective left anguished by the political divide in Philippine society that recently became apparent by with recent national elections. Over lonesome guitar riffs, JRLDM’s voice soars to echo pain and loss by fixating on one’s self: all of us are victims, to some extent, under the incoming new regime. The guitar solo towards the end — the song’s emotional and melodic climax — roars to an abrupt stop, as if out of breath.

“Biktima” is rife with discordant textures that contrast JRLDM’s vocal melodies, resulting in a fiercely sincere and unfiltered message of lost hope yet to be regained, and the unabashed readiness for what comes next.

DILAW – “Kaloy” 

The indie-alternative duo who goes by the name Dilaw fuses multiple genres with mind-bending lyrics that stimulate your thoughts, melodies that blow your mind, and an enigmatic presence unlike any other. Dilaw started his relationship with music by rapping over beats found online. He then met Vie Dela Rosa in 2019 which led to the present duo “Dilaw.” 

From writing comedic skits to making music, the duo continues to spread its message to conscious people. Inspired by the stories of Radioactive Sago Project, to the verses of MF Doom, the duo aims to make their mark in the music scene by releasing songs, forging relationships, and spreading their message 

liesl-mae – “The Trip”  

Emerging singer-songwriter liesl-mae looks inwards and recounts stories of personal growth with her latest single, “The Trip.” Simple, vulnerable, and authentic, The Kuala Lumpur-based songstress’ storytelling approach reveals an old soul steeped in awareness far beyond her age.

“The Trip” begins stripped down and intimate as liesl-mae details the starting point of a journey she’d like to embark on. The sparse instrumentation, a nod towards limitless potential and endless possibility, is equally daunting in its expanse as it is exhilarating.

In dealing with the mental exhaustion and burnout that typically ensues, liesl-mae said, “It’s important to look back at all the things that have made us who we are, the things we are thankful for; the people, experiences, and memories… And realize that there’s more to life than the hardships we go through. Life can only get better when we’re here to make it better.”

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