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When Carl Pei founded Nothing, he explained that the company would build an ecosystem of products that work together seamlessly. So, after the launch of the company’s Ear 1 earbuds, a Nothing phone seems inevitable. And thanks to some new Twitter posts, Nothing fans believe a smartphone is just around the corner.

Carl Pei recently shared a tweet that simply stated “Back on Android.” This tweet feels pretty literal—Pei was a co-founder of OnePlus, but he’s a well-known Apple user. Now, he’s giving Android a spin for the first time in a few years.

Back on Android

— Carl Pei (@getpeid) February 15, 2022

But things got weird when Pei asked people to name their favorite Android-based OS. Damien Wilde of 9to5Google commented that he’d “rather hear” Pei’s thoughts on the subject, to which the Nothing founder responded, “you will soon.”

So, is Nothing working on a custom Android-based OS? If Nothing wants to release a smartphone, a customized OS would make a lot of sense—Carl Pei is still appealing to fans of OnePlus, which is best known for its sleek OxygenOS.

You will soon

— Carl Pei (@getpeid) February 11, 2022

Other comments came from the official Android and Snapdragon Twitter accounts. While the people who run these accounts probably don’t know any behind-the-scenes business deals (which may or may not exist), they expressed excitement over Pei’s tweets.

Either way, we’re interested in the idea of a Nothing smartphone. We didn’t expect much from the company, but its Ear 1 earbuds were an overwhelming success. The earbuds scored an 8/10 in our detailed review thanks to their comfortable design, killer price, and solid sound quality.

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