Ookla Crowns Smart As King Of Mobile Speedtest Once Again (Q1 2022)

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Ookla Crowns Smart As King Of Mobile Speedtest Once Again (Q1 2022)

This may no longer come as a surprise to some, but Smart was declared by Ookla once again to be the fastest mobile internet provider in the country. The company is currently making a lot of noise with the Sun conversion, unlimited Free TikTok promos, and being the top company in the Philippines as per LinkedIn. We’ll share the details of this latest victory.

Smart is following up on a 2021 win in the Ookla Speedtest rankings by gaining the top spot once again in the first quarter of 2022. The telecommunications giant leads the pack with a median speed score of 24.07 Mbps, almost a third higher than closest competitor DITO’s 16.96 Mbps and rival Globe’s 15.25 Mbps. That’s a gap almost in the double digits.

Latency is also very important since it determines how much delay there is between action and reaction. The lower the count, the better. Smart leads in this department by only having 19 milliseconds of delay, while Globe and DITO switch places with 23 and 25ms respectively. Those numbers aren’t too far apart – but as Dominic Torretto (Fast & Furious franchise) says it: “It doesn’t matter whether you win by an inch or a mile, winning is winning.”

The last sector Smart trumps its Ookla Speedtest competition in is the 5G performance field. Average speeds are pegged at 200.43 Mbps which is a significant 79.14 Mbps greater than Globe.

Where Smart falls short though is the Consistency Test. This serves as the company’s Achilles’ Heel turning it into a gentleman’s sweep. 79.4% of Globe users had a download speed equal to or greater than 5 Mbps and an upload speed of at least 1 Mbps. On the contrary, Smart could only say that about 77.7% of its testing user base. There is no statistic to determine how low below the bar these results were, but this is affected by a plethora of factors: signal strength, network traffic, and the device used, among others. For those curious, DITO trailed both at 74.3%.

While we’re on the topic of devices, we’ll tackle which ones fared the best in mobile connectivity. The list is as seen above with 2 brands dominating the scene: Apple and Samsung. The main surprise here is that the A-series device beat out the flagship-level S21 Ultra 5G.

Manufacturer speeds had the top two seen above with Xiaomi close by, with Huawei and realme in the distance.

When it comes to cities, Caloocan ekes out a major upset over Quezon City and Manila – both considered by many to be the capitals of the country. While there is no confirmed cause, we hypothesize that can be attributed either to the number of tests, network traffic, or quality of mobile network infrastructure in these areas.



Article From: HowToGeek