Park Eun-bin Fan Meeting in Manila this Upcoming October

‘Extraordinary Attorney Woo’ Lead Cast Park Eun-bin to Hold Fan Meet in Manila

Park Eun-bin the star of Korean Drama ‘Extraordinary Attorney Woo’ will hols a fan meeting in Manila next month.

Park Eun-bin, the star of Extraordinary Attorney Woo, will host a fan event this year in cities throughout Asia, including Manila.

To the delight of her fans, the Korean actress’ management Namoo Actors shared the poster of her fan event on Instagram Stories. Based on the report of PUSH, on October 23, Eun-bin will host a fan event in Manila at the SM Skydome Quezon City. The costs of the tickets have not yet been made public.

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Bangkok, Singapore, and Tokyo will also have fan events for the Korean celebrity. From June to August 2022, Eun-bin appeared in Extraordinary Attorney Woo as the lead cast.

The actress portrays Woo Young-woo, the first lawyer with ASD in Korea and a trainee at the Hanbada Law Firm with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) as seen in the TV series . The report also mentioned that, in the non-English category of Netflix‘s Global Top 10 charts, the show topped the list for two weeks in a row, becoming a worldwide phenomenon.

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The ET News interviewed the K-drama actress last August and shared her journey about portraying the role.

“It’s a project that made me feel unfamiliar with the fear of trying new things. Young Woo is more mature than me. She knows the weight and influence adults have and is someone who wants to use that influence in a good place. The saying ‘I will try to overcome unfamiliar and uncomfortable things’ speaks to me like a magic spell,” the actress said.

 “For my next project, it will firstly be after I get some rest and I think I’ll need consideration and determination. From my image up until now that I’ve wrapped up through my affection for Woo Young Woo, in order to prepare to showcase a new and different type of present, I think I will have to evaluate [my next role] as much as I did for this project, if not more.” she said for the fans that expected for her.

It is available in Netflix and in ENA from June 29 to August 18 2022.

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