Philippines Drops 2 Places In Mobile in February 2022 Speedtest Report

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Philippines Drops 2 Places In Mobile in February 2022 Speedtest Report

The Philippines lags behind other countries for February 2022 in Ookla’s Speedtest Global Index report. In its report, the Philippines dropped two places in mobile at 94th place, and one rank down in fixed broadband at 68th place.

In terms of speeds, the country’s mobile download speeds si at 18.79Mbps, which is a slight increase from 17.50Mbps recorded last January 2022. Despite the improved speeds, the Philippines still needs to catch up–last December 2021, the country achieved mobile download speeds of 19.20Mbps.

It’s a different story for fixed broadband, as download speeds for February 2022 are at 49.10Mbps, which is slightly lower than 49.52Mbps last January. In the case of fixed broadband, this is the second month that download speeds went down–in December 2021, broadband download speeds in the Philippines were at 50.25Mbps.

Chief among the factors that lead to the Philippines having decreased download speeds for fixed broadband is due to the infrastructure damage caused by typhoon Odette, along with multiple infrastructure repairs that are ongoing in Metro Manila. Last January, both PLDT and Converge suffered from fiber cuts, which caused their users to lose internet services.

With the February 2022 Speedtest report, we remain optimistic that the Philippines will be able to bounce back, as telcos are working on improving their current infrastructures and internet services.

Article From: HowToGeek