PLDT Shows Us How 10000 Mbps Internet Improves Your Life

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PLDT Shows Us How 10000 Mbps Internet Improves Your Life

I was recently invited to the next-generation station created by PLDT. With speedy 10000 Mbps internet at its core, this PLDT FAST HUB appears to be the future of living. Here’s why I think so.

People in the tech industry have always been interested in the trade, but this pandemic has taught us that society depends on it like a lifeline. Most, if not all, workplaces depend on a network for communications. Schools need an online architecture for schooling. Even when we unwind, the internet has become a gateway to the world that is no longer just a novelty but a necessity.

That’s why a slow, unreliable internet connection not only inconveniences us on a personal level, but hampers societal progress as a whole. That’s why walking into the PLDT FAST HUB area had me optimistic for what technology can do for us in our everyday lives.

Of course, the first order of business was to test the internet speed itself. 10000 Mbps is stated by PLDT to be the maximum, and I was expecting half of that on an average workday with tremendous network traffic. Surprisingly, the speeds achieved were around the 8000 Mbps mark. That is already exponentially leaps and bounds above what I have at home.

In a home such as this one, it would be a waste not to have everything connected to the internet. Everything in that area was controlled by voice commands, including the mood lighting. Switching it up to gaming mode turned the room into a hyperfocus zone of red hues, which lifted my competitive spirits. Whether it was a game of Valorant on the PC or some Gran Turismo 7 on the PlayStation 5, nothing could faze me now.

A quick post-gaming workout was played on the smart mirror, to avoid a sedentary lifestyle.

When it was time to relax, I could dim the lights once again and play some movies on Netflix. Loading 4K movies took no effort whatsoever. While I was at it, the robot vacuum whirred around me, cleaning up tiny particles of dirt on the floor (theoretically, since the PLDT FAST HUB was spotless). I can already imagine the life of comfort this could bring.

So what is wedged between you and the PLDT 10000 Mbps life?

Based on my discussions with the team, not much needs to be added in order to avail of these speeds. Since the fiber optic cables are already installed at the designated points, only a box needs to be added within the area. A modem/router combo with support for the PLDT 10000 Mbps plan is all that’s needed to have this setup at home. Your device also needs to be compatible with that speed in order to maximize the network’s potential.

We haven’t received word on pricing for the PLDT 10000 Mbps plan, although we suspect that it’s substantially pricier than anything we’ve seen before. Rightfully so. We’ll be sure to provide updates down the line.



Article From: HowToGeek