POSITIVE BURST OF ENERGY | Tai Verdes on his more ‘relatable’ brand of music

Prior to the pandemic, music was just a hobby for 25-year old Tai Verdes (born Tyler Colon), who was working in Los Angeles as “an essential worker” in a phone store. Then all of a sudden, his song, “Stuck in the Middle” with its playful and engaging tempo became a big hit on TikTok.

Now armed with a #3 Billboard Heatseekers album and #5 Spotify debut album with the studio album “TV,” Tai Verdes is now ready to take on the world.

Known for his very relatable and personal writing style, Tai confessed that all he wanted to do was “make something” while “writing about what I know.”

“It was just making something, I don’t really think about results, but the best thing about it is that people are relating to it,” he said.

“I only write about what I know because that’s how you can get real deep, and you can talk about matters because it matters to you. I probably have the most selfish art around,” he added.

Tai’s song “A-O-K” followed a similar path, having amassed more than 200 million streams, 1.3 million TikTok creations, and earning him #1 on Billboard’s Emerging Artist Chart. The song hit #12 at Top 40 Pop Radio, and #34 on the Billboard Hot 100.

Tai has performed on Jimmy Kimmel Live! and The TODAY Show, as well as Lollapalooza 2021 to a crowd of 35,000 people, which was his first-ever live set.

At a time when most big name artists found it “insensitive” to post music due to a turbulent social climate, Tai felt that a more positive burst of energy was more than necessary.

“Every big artist stopped doing music, ‘cause I think this was when the pandemic and black lives matter was happening, but for some people, this was still a small business and we have to keep things going, I never even thought to stop,” he confessed.

Off of his debut album, Tai delivers more of that relatable EDM slash hip-hop style with his new single, “Last Day on Earth.” With its smooth and laid back composition and almost jazz like influences, the song details Tai’s life philosophy of “safety is an illusion.”

“Everything that you do, you don’t know if you’re going to have the next day, so might as well go do that thing you’ve been thinking about, or if you really like something, go do that and it might work out and it will be really, really fun,”

However, Tai is also aware that “people gotta eat”, the song functions as a promise that “things take time,” like his plans for his music career. Prior to hitting it big, he had tried his hand at acting and modeling as well.

“I just didn’t want to do a 9 to 5 job,” he joked, “that’s how badly I wanted to try everything else but what really lit the fire under me was music.”

Though he is just getting started, Tai confessed he has many, many plans for his budding music career.

“I’m gonna be a problem. I love everything that’s happening. But this is not a one song thing, this is a 10-album thing,” he shares.

Tai Verdes’ new single, “Last Day on Earth” as well as the rest of his music are available on major streaming platforms.

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