Power Outage in NAIA Cause by Airport’s Loadside Issue

Meralco Says Power Outage in NAIA was Due to Airport’s Loadside Issue

Manila Electric Company Meralco claimed that the power outage at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) was caused by the airport’s loadside issue.

A recent eight-hour brownout at NAIA-Terminal 3 was caused, according to Meralco, by a fault with their facilities. Meralco acknowledged that the outage was brought on by issues with the airport’s loadside facility.

According to a statement made by Joe Zaldarriaga, a spokesperson for Meralco, the power distributor’s facilities inside the airport were operational. The business added that about 6 a.m., power was restored to NAIA Terminal 3’s crucial facilities. citing a report from the airport’s engineers on Saturday.

“Batay sa resulta ng imbestigasyon, walang naging problema sa Meralco facilities at nakumpirmang loadside facility ng terminal ang nagkaisyu,” Zaldarriaga said.

“Minabuti na rin ng Meralco na manatili sa site at mag-assist habang inaayos ng mga airport engineer ang nakitang problema sa kanilang facility,” explained the spokesperson of the electric power distribution company.

Note that in addition to 15 domestic flights, 16 overseas flights were impacted by the brownout. The power outage began around 11 p.m., according to a statement from the Manila International Airport Authority (MIAA). started on Friday and went on till early Saturday.

The MIAA has also expressed regret and said that it will investigate the power outage jointly with Meralco. The airline’s operations have reportedly resumed normal operations, according to Carmina Romero, director of corporate relations for Cebu Pacific.

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