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Unless you’re a total wordsmith, multi-tasking while playing Wordle is basically impossible. But you know what’s even harder? Multi-tasking Wordle with three other games of Wordle. That’s the idea behind Quordle, a new game that’s (unfortunately) made me too tired to finish my workday.

In Quordle, you’re forced to face four Wordle challenges simultaneously. As in, every word you guess applies to each of the four games. You’ll definitely want to use the best Wordle starting word to give you a good head start with Quordle—unless you like losing, I guess.

You wanna see who’s bad?
Solve FOUR wordles simultaneously. #Quordle is my new jawn

Daily Quordle #19
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— ahmir•quest• 5 letters only (@questlove) February 12, 2022

Thankfully, Quordle gives you nine guesses instead of the usual six. And while Quordle offers daily challenges, there’s also a practice mode that lets you play over and over again.

But we’re not sure how long Quordle will last. The New York Times recently purchased Wordle and announced a plan to monetize the game, which could spell the end of Wordle clones in the coming months.

Quordle is free to play on your computer, phone, or tablet. Like Wordle, it keeps track of your stats and lets you share your performance on social media. If you manage to get a killer Quordle score, feel free to share your score on Twitter and tag @reviewgeeksite.

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