Samsung Galaxy S20 Saves Soldier’s Life By Blocking A Bullet

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Samsung Galaxy S20 Saves Soldier’s Life By Blocking A Bullet

The Samsung Galaxy S20 is a smartphone from modern times, boasting a beautiful Gorilla glass construction on both its front and backside. This may have raised a few eyebrows about its durability since glass will always be glass. However, we think that it proved itself quite well when it saved a Ukrainian soldier’s life on the battlefield. The Samsung Galaxy S20 took a bullet in the army man’s jacket pocket, effectively preventing it from ripping through his midsection.

If you need further proof, there is documentation rapidly circulating social media of the whole ordeal. A soldier takes a video of his friend behind cover right on the battlefield. While the resounding boom of gunfire can be heard in the background, the owner of the Galaxy appears to be very grateful that his smartphone not only slowed the bullet down – but completely stopped it in its tracks. The video has the text “It happens” overlaid, with an emoji of the Ukrainian flag on full display.

From the looks of things, the bullet hit the phone on its rear. It managed to penetrate through the Galaxy S20’s glass back, 4,000 mAh battery, and stopped halfway thru the front glass and the S View case. Who would’ve imagined. The smug soldier then returns his phone back in the same pocket, probably as a sign of good luck. If you think about it, this guy has been given a second chance at life. Props to Samsung for the Galaxy S20 bullet success story, we’re sure to see this in their advertisements later on down the line.

This isn’t the first bullet story as of late – a gamer was also saved from a stray bullet by his headset within the past month. Should bullet testing be part of quality control for gadgets now? Let us know what you think in the comments!


Article From: HowToGeek