Say hello to a happy tummy

WITH the hot weather that the country has been experiencing, many people develop an upset stomach, stom­ach aches, loose bowel movement (LBM), or gastroenteritis. This is especially true if con­taminated food or water is consumed. Some bacterial infections also cause similar symptoms and this is referred to in medical terms as dysbiosis.

As a first aid for tummy aches, LBM or to maintain your healthy gut flora, it is recom­mended that you take a probiotic drink like Emuflora. Emuflora is a ready-to-drink probi­otic supplement containing billions of bacil­lus clausii and bacillus subtilis spores that are combined to provide a dose of good bacteria to fight off bad ones. 

Emuflora contains two billion spores of bacillus clausii and one billion spores of bacillus subtilis. This combination helps improve diges­tion, supports immunity buildup and works as an excellent adjuvant therapy to effectively control. It also manages diarrhea and promotes overall wellbeing by supporting anti-bacterial and anti-viral activity to fight against infections. 

It is a tasteless and odorless oral suspen­sion. All you have to do is to simply shake the mini bottle, twist the cap and consume directly after opening. Emuflora comes in a handy mini bottle and is formulated with no sugar, making it a suitable choice for those who are conscious of their sugar intake. Emuflora is a registered product and approved by the Food and Drug Administration of the Philippines as an over-the-counter food supplement. 

Emuflora is exclusively distributed by Preventia Healthcare, Inc. and is available at Mercury Drug stores nationwide. Have a healthy gut and be a healthier you.

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