Security Bank repairs Koronadal’s earthquake-damaged classrooms

SOUTH COTABATO—Security Bank Foundation Inc. (SBFI) recently repaired 16 classrooms in Koronadal City in this province, which were damaged by the October 2019 earthquakes in the area.

The classrooms were donated by SBFI in 2018. The repair of two-story, eight-classroom buildings in Koronadal Central Elementary School (KCES) and Koronadal National Comprehensive High School (KNCHS) included the patching of wall cracks, replacement of damaged doors and windows, reconnection of detached railings, and restoration of wrecked gutters. The repair also involved an overall general check-up of the buildings’ electrical and plumbing systems.

With the current distance-learning setup, SBFI proceeded with the repair of the structures to prevent further deterioration and prepare for the possible resumption of face-to-face classes.

“Despite the challenges of the…pandemic, we commend SBFI’s sustained commitment to support our school and sponsor the major repair of their donated school building post-earthquake damages,” said Alver Lajera, KCES’ principal.

“The repair support is an act of kindness that ensures a safe and welcoming environment for our teachers and students during and postpandemic,” added Principal Valentin Dignadice Jr. of KNCHS.

Security Bank Koronadal Branch Channel Manager Ma. Elizabeth Barroso-Famenia also lauded the foundation’s commitment, as she was “inspired to be part of a bank that is willing to help address the needs of students, despite being in the middle of a pandemic.”

The continued repair and maintenance of previously donated classrooms is a component of SBFI’s “Build a School, Build a Nation” program, which aims to address infrastructure-facility needs of schools in areas where there are Security Bank branches, while providing complementary initiatives such as teachers’ training, as well as video production and distribution to improve learning outcomes.

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