Senate probers asked to release Pharmally exec

Senate Blue Ribbon probers were asked to release detained Pharmally executive Linconn Ong on humanitarian grounds so he can be with his ailing child.

In a letter to Senator Richard Gordon, chairman of the investigating  panel, Mrs. Summer Ong appealed for the release of her husband on behalf of their seriously sick son afflicted with dengue, a deadly disease.

“I fervently appeal to you (Gordon) to please let my husband go,” Mrs. Go  pleaded, adding: “It is not only I who need him most now, but also our son who is suffering from dengue, who I just mentioned, is not doing too well and constantly looks for his father.”

Conveying the plea for her husband’s release, Mrs. Ong wrote what she assured as “a heartfelt letter to the Senate to free her husband for humanitarian reasons.”

In the midst of the Senate inquiry into the alleged misuse of pandemic funds, Linconn Ong, and siblings Mohit and Twinkle Dargani, were cited in contempt by the Senate Blue Ribbon Committee chairman Sen. Gordon and ordered detained at the Pasay City Jail.

Ong’s wife, however, appealed for his release in a letter stating that their two-year old son is currently confined for treatment of dengue, adding the child’s condition “remained critical.”

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