Slater Young and Kryz Uy’s 1-Month-Old Baby Undergoes Surgery

Sevi, the 1-month-old son of Slater Young and Kryz Uy is now recovering after hernia surgery.

SLATER YOUNG – SkyFam’s youngest Sevi undergoes surgery after an inguinal hernia diagnosis and he is now recovering after successful surgery.

We all love the Skyfam – the little family of four now of Kryz Uy and Slater Young. They have two sons, Scottie and Sevi. In a previous article, Kryz expressed that she is adjusting well and easily to being a mother of two.

It’s easier now with her second baby since she already had her experience with her first son. She now knows what to but what’s just giving her a hard time are things like sibling rivalry and juggling and balancing her time with her two little men.

But despite of all these, she is happy having them in their house. They are giving off this happy noise in their house which makes their surroundings lively.

But just recently, as seen in her new video, she encountered a problem regarding the health and growth of her youngest. Sevi had an inguinal hernia and the baby had to undergo surgery. The baby’s condition surprised them because they were thinking that Sevi was a healthy baby boy.

They were advised for Sevi be operated on as soon as possible.

“I keep telling myself that I can’t be the mentally praning, scatter-brained mom. I have to be present and I have to be strong for Sevi. Even though it’s really difficult for me and even though I’m used to having my hand held, I’m going to try to be strong this time around,” she said.

In recent updates from her social media, the operation went well and was successful. Their little warrior is now recovering.

Sevi is her second baby boy and just like with Scottie, they are very open to sharing their lives with their newborn.

Watch her new vlog below:


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