Snatcher Nabbed Over ‘Tapon Ketchup’ Modus in Batangas

Snatcher Spilling Ketchup to Victim as Modus Arrested in Batangas

Authorities arrested a snatcher whose modus operandi is to spill ketchup on the victim and steal valuable items arrested in Batangas City.

An alleged thief was nabbed by Batangas City Police Station for allegedly snatching an iPhone 13 smartphone from a student who was traveling to Balagtas in said City on a jeepney. Two of his collaborators managed to escape their plan, though.

The culprit was recognized by the police station as Jojo Larga y Ramos, 34, a resident of Brgy and a native of Bolbok, Lipa City. Pampanga’s Mabalacat. The investigation revealed that at about 2:30 p.m. the victim, a 21-year-old student got into a jeep on Monday with a destination of Balagtas.

It is claimed that the suspect, Larga, and two unnamed passengers boarded the jeep before it reached the Capitol. While the two suspects were in the other seat, Larga is said to have sat next to the victim.

Unexpectedly, a suspect informed him that “Someone threw something at your back from outside” before the jeep had reached the Lion’s Marker. The victim was allegedly distracted by the suspect, and when she turned around, she noticed that her hair and the right side of her clothing were both covered in ketchup.

According to reports, one of the suspects even assisted in wiping with the tissue that Larga, the suspect, gave him. After being instructed to do so by one of the suspects, he promptly hid the iPhone in his luggage to prevent it from becoming misplaced.

The victim was shocked when the suspects halted and sequentially descended to Kumintang Ilaya. The victim discovered her cellphone was missing when she arrived in Balagtas. She immediately used a GPS tracker to look for it and discovered that his missing iPhone was in SM Batangas City.

She went to SM right away, and when she got there, she begged the security guard to assist her find the snatcher. Through the tracker, they were able to locate the suspect, and it was clear that she had thrown her cell phone into the mall’s trash.

The victim’s stolen cellphone, worth P70,000, was found as security promptly arrested the culprit and took him to the Batangas CPS. While his two accomplices are sought after, Larga is currently charged with theft.

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