Stephen Speaks releases new single ‘Alive to Fight’

Stephen Speaks, the crew behind those hits from the early 2000s that is still a staple of FM radio and streaming play in the Philippines is back with a new single, “Alive to Fight.”

And if it is any indication, “Alive to Fight” will join “Out of My League” and “Passenger Seat” among that list of timeless songs that Filipinos will listen to time and again.

More so, the new song is a joyous song that is perfect for these pandemic times.

Stephen Speaks’ singer and songwriter Rockwell Ripperger, however, says the inspiration for the new song is totally out of left field.

“’Alive to Fight’ is when the cheaters are winning and you just want to give up, but you don’t give up,” he said with a smile on his face. “It was inspired by someone stealing all my music gear out of my car.”

“It’s all right though,” he conceded. “That’s the beauty of music. You can interpret it in a different way; the way it speaks to you. If people find new meaning in it, then great, because music is supposed to be like that – inspiring and insightful.”

“Alive to Fight” is the first of a new wave of singles that Stephen Speaks is planning to release before another tour of the Philippines; their home away from home.

Nineteen years ago, Stephen Speaks’s debut album, No More Doubt, was released in the Philippines.

That album spawned two massive hits – an understatement if there was ever one — “Passenger Seat” and “Out of My League.” No More Doubt sold 40,000 units in 10 days; certified platinum in Philippine record sales.   

“I was stunned about the reaction to our music,” admitted Ripperger. “We did all right in the United States but over here… it was like a supernova.”

Reflected Ripperger, “Stephen Speaks gets played in over a hundred countries every month but none more than the Philippines. Since 2002, I have focused my efforts on touring and doing business there as the fans and radio have embraced my music. I fell in love with the culture and it is one of my favorite places on earth.”

“Philippine culture is very family-oriented and they find joy in the arts. I am a fairly romantic person and I choose to be this way. I want to believe in love and happy endings, and I think these songs strongly connect with Philippine culture.”

And Ripperger hopes that “Alive to Fight” will also connect with his Filipino fans, especially the new generation of kids who weren’t around when the band took the Philippines by storm.

“Alive to Fight” and other upcoming singles will precede a new album, and perhaps, if in better times, a Philippine tour by 2023.

And the Stephen Speaks classics as well as the new songs, will be released on vinyl for the first time by 2023 in time for No More Doubt’s 20th anniversary.

Bared Ripperger, “The plans for Stephen Speaks in 2022 is to release two more singles, and plan a tour for 2023 given that the pandemic slows down and live music begins to recover. We also plan to release three singles in 2023 and if possible tour in the Philippines.”

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