Tesda scholars urged to enlist in its new biometrics system

EXISTING and aspiring scholars of the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (Tesda) are encouraged to explore its newly launched Biometric-Enabled Scholarship Registration System (BSRS).

Tesda Secretary Isidro Lapeña explained that through the BSRS, listing of scholars and checking their attendance will be more convenient, while guaranteeing the integrity of the agency’s scholarship programs.

“One way to institute integrity in our systems and processes is [via] automation,” Lapeña said. “Not only does [it] improve an organization’s efficiency, but also prevents errors and manipulation caused by human intervention.”

The implementation of BSRS prevents fraudulent claims, such as unregistered programs, shortened training, employment of “ghost” trainees, conduct of “ghost” training sessions, and unauthorized teaching of trainees.

Moreover, trainers and technical-vocational education and training (TVET) providers can see and monitor the progress of scholars, including their class schedules, and view attendance sheets.

The system also ensures the accuracy of data, and lessens central encoding, as students and scholars themselves input their information, instead of the field offices or the registrars.

“When our system is compromised, the integrity of our implementation is certainly affected,” the Tesda chief stated. “Our major frontline services rely heavily on training delivery. Thus, we have to institute reforms to safeguard our system.”

Some 58,466 BSRS accounts for scholars have been created as of May 10, while 28,129 and 3,025 for trainers and registrars have been made, respectively.

To further promote the use of BSRS among Tesda Technology Institutions (TTIs) and tech-voc institutions (TVIs) nationwide, the agency’s Information and Communication Technology Office will hold regional fora for TVET providers.

“We need to implement this, and I know this is doable,” Lapeña assured. “The BSRS will save time and effort of our TTIs, TVIs…as well as would-be and existing scholars in our scholarship programs.”

Tesda announced the national implementation of the BSRS on April 11 after pilot testing was performed early this year. Those interested may register via bsrs.tesda.gov.ph.

Image credits: tesda.gov.ph

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