The Metrobank-AXA partnership: Redefining wealth with a comprehensive health plan

The popular adage “health is wealth” has become even more relevant in the last two years under the pandemic. According to the 2019 Wellness Index, about 40 percent of Filipinos are unsure if they can afford healthcare services. Back then, the average cost of treatment during hospital confinement is already at around P21,400.

Three years later, medical expenses continue to skyrocket not only for those directly affected by COVID-19, but also for those experiencing emergencies that require hospitalization.

This is not counting post-hospitalization and outpatient conditions that will necessitate expensive maintenance medicines as well as treatments and procedures that not all Filipinos can afford.

Going beyond their promise of meaningful banking, Metrobank is also advocating health as the new wealth through its recent partnership with world-class insurance provider, AXA Philippines. Metrobank’s #HealthIsTheNewWealth campaign features AXA’s new and comprehensive health insurance product, AXA Health Care Access (HCA).

Rowena, 43, a wife and a mother of three children, felt the drastic impact of the pandemic when her seafarer husband was forced to come home. To augment their family income, she ventured into selling cakes and pastries online. To add to this challenging financial situation, she and her husband both contracted COVID-19. Not only that, her aging mom also needed to undergo cataract operation. It was only at this point did Rowena realize the value of having a health plan for herself and her family. Fortunately, her cake business continued to flourish, which led her to avail of a comprehensive health care product in AXA Health Care Access.

A flexible and affordable health plan that suits every family’s needs and budget, AXA Health Care Access is available in two plan types namely Heath Care Access Prime and Health Care Access Lite. Furthermore, it offers an Annual Benefit Limit that ranges from P500,000 to P5,000,000.

AXA Health Care Access Prime provides coverage for inpatient, outpatient, and emergency care. It also comes with a longevity health fund, life and accident insurance along with annual physical exams and dental care. AXA Health Care Access Lite, on the other hand, is designed to supplement those with existing HMOs already with coverage for inpatient and emergency care and provides a longevity health fund and life and accident insurance as well.

For individuals and families, AXA Health Care Access is essential in terms of addressing different health needs and helps ensure one’s overall wellbeing by giving the necessary peace of mind in these challenging times. What’s more, it offers a discount when the plan is extended to a family member.

For entrepreneurs, professionals, freelancers, and consultants, having an AXA Health Care Access plan means that health and productivity are not compromised despite pressures experienced on a daily basis.

For senior citizens who want to still secure their health beyond retirement, AXA Health Care access is an ideal choice as it provides a Longevity Health Fund starting at age 76 which can be used for medical expenses.

Moreover, it also covers treatment for pandemic diseases which includes the necessary tests and hospitalization. While more government-approved treatment options are emerging, AXA Health Care Access is among those solutions that gives easy access to immediate medical intervention.

Metrobank clients who sign up for an appointment to discuss the plan within the promo period will be entitled to a free one-time teleconsultation from MyPocketDoctor using the promo code MBHEALTH2022, valid until July 31, 2022.

Health is indeed the new wealth and with AXA Health Care Access, experience a comprehensive health care solution that suits your needs.

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