The Set It and Forget It Way to Clean Your Nasty Microwave – LifeSavvy


You open your microwave only to remember it’s caked with gunk on the roof and walls. Just the thought of cleaning it is exhausting. Well, we’ve got some good news: you don’t have to scrape all that off.

There’s a set it and forget it method to steam clean your microwave. Just fill a mug, bowl, or measuring cup with water, and then microwave it for two to three minutes. When it’s all steamy inside, the residue will soften allowing you to easily wipe it off.

You can use some gentle dish soap and warm water, if necessary, for a more thorough clean. Then, just dry with a microfiber towel, and your microwave will be good as new.

Want an even easier way to do the job? Pick up the Angry Mama Microwave cleaner. Just fill Angry Mama with equal parts water and vinegar, microwave her for five to seven minutes, and steam will rise from her head, cause she’s angry at how nasty you let your microwave get!

When it’s finished steaming, just remove the tool, wipe down the inside of your microwave, and you’re done.

If cleaning your microwave is still at the bottom of your spring cleaning list, steam it!

Article From: HowToGeek