Toni Gonzaga Tours Malacanang Palace With PBBM

A private tour of the Malacanang with Toni Gonzaga and President Bongbong Marcos.

TONI GONZAGA – Actress-host Toni Gonzaga receives an exclusive tour with President Bongbong Marcos of the Malacanang Palace.

Much has changed over time and this has been shown in the latest vlog of Toni Gonzaga with President Bongbong Marcos. Marcos took her on an exclusive tour of the Malacanang Palace and in every corner, PBBM has a story of his childhood. He also narrated how the palace has molded him.

In the video, PBBM showed Toni the rooms where they were sleeping before. To recall, the Marcos family lived in Malacanang for two decades and only left when the former dictator president was ousted from the position due to alleged injustices and corruption. Because of People Power Revolution, the Marcos family was forced to leave.

PBBM also showed Toni the old rooms they were staying in before which were renovated. But despite the changes, everything was vivid to the current president. There’s nostalgia in his stories and he can still recall every detail like everything happened just yesterday.

He can recall where they dined together as a family over dinner, where his mother entertained her guests, the office of his father, and other things. He can also remember clearly where the secret pathways lead to – the same pathway he used to run to when he was a child.

The president also attests to ghost stories inside the Palace because he himself has experienced them.

The whole place was like a maze. Each door leads to another room and then is connected to another one. And for someone like him who has lived there for 20 years, the familiarity remained despite the many years he has not stayed there.

“It evokes all the memories when we were here,” the president quipped.

Watch the full tour below:


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