Two bodies discovered in manhole outside Kyiv: AFP

At least two bodies were discovered inside a manhole at a petrol station on a motorway outside Kyiv on Sunday, an AFP reporter saw.

The bodies appeared to be wearing civilian clothing.

AFP saw police and military at the site, using a tanker to suck water from inside the manhole.

There appeared to be two bodies inside, one under a sleeping mat.

The bodies were discovered on a motorway west of Kyiv, near the village of Buzova.

Some civilian clothing is visible, however locals said they may be from the territorial defence.

Ukraine says it has discovered a trail of civilian bodies in towns outside Kyiv from where the Russian army retreated, accusing Moscow of war crimes.

A distraught woman appeared at the manhole and peered inside, before breaking down and clawing the earth.

She wailed “my son, my son”.

She recognised the body from the distinctive footwear.

Police are awaiting demining teams before recovering the bodies.

The improvised grave is at the back of a destroyed motorway petrol station.

Tank marks are visible on the road and there are two destroyed tanks near the station.

Police were unfurling crime scene tape around the scene.


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