Vaccination, health protocols key to face-to-face classes–Cocopea

VACCINATION and stricter adherence to health protocols are key to the successful implementation of face-to-face classes, the Coordinating Council of Private Educational Associations (Cocopea) said last Sunday.

Cocopea Chairman Anthony M. Tamayo said member-schools have been preparing for face-to-face classes for months even before President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. announced his plan to have the face-to-face classes by November.

“In general, we are ready to comply with the directive of the President to go back to full face-to-face classes,” Tamayo said. “In fact, as soon as the alert level went down to alert level 1 in March, we started preparing already.”

Tamayo, who is also president of the University of Perpetual Help System Dalta (UPHSD), said their suggestions might help facilitate the return to face-to-face classes based on consultations with Cocopea members.

“As the safety of our students, teachers, and other personnel are paramount, expediting their vaccination and stricter adherence to the minimum public health standards would help persuade parents to send their children back to school,” he said.

Furthermore, he said, simplifying or streamlining of procedures and requirements for schools intending to return to face-to-face classes will greatly aid in the participation of more schools and a faster turnaround.

Tamayo reiterated that their members are ready to support the plan of Marcos to fully implement face-to-face classes nationwide by November of this year. However, the group is appealing that if it will be mandated in September, private schools shall be given the “flexibility,” or a choice to offer hybrid or full online classes.

He also stressed that the final decision on whether the learner returns to face-to-face classes or attend hybrid or full online classes depends on the parents.

Founded in 1961, Cocopea is the unifying voice of private education and takes the lead in public policy development for the sector.

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