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Irish Spring

When Irish Spring announced the “Gamer Shower” on April 1st, we assumed that it was a joke. Everybody knows that gamers don’t bathe, and all that. But it turns out that the 2-in-1 body wash company actually made an elaborate shower for gamers, complete with a gaming massage chair, giant TVs, and thankfully, soap.

Now, I’m always excited about hygiene. And on the rare chance that I visit a GameStop, I’m guaranteed to complain about gamers’ unwashed armpits and creases. But Irish Spring has created something that defies natural law, which is a bit disturbing to me. Gaming while bathing in a plexiglass pod is Bio-Dome-level weird—well, if it gets gamers to try soap, I guess I shouldn’t complain.

. @TheBoiSantana just got to experience the 1st ever Irish Spring Gaming Shower Pod. Stay tuned for more… 🎮👃🚿 #SmellFromANiceSmellingPlace pic.twitter.com/YGf4b2kKhl

— Irish Spring (@IrishSpring) April 4, 2022

Irish Spring sent us a video of a clothed gamer, called FaZe Santana, testing the shower in Mexico. He seemed to fun time gaming on the three ultra-wide monitors that hang over the shower like a lure. Or hey, maybe the Irish Spring fumes were getting to his head.

The only thing missing from the shower, as far as I can tell, is a gamer washcloth. Also, the name “gamer shower” is a bit misleading. This is more of a bubble bath than a shower. But hey, when you’re a gamer, a bubble bath is better than nothing.

We don’t know if the Irish Spring gamer shower will ever go on sale. Still, you can probably build one in your bathtub if you have an extra gaming chair and some VESA mounts lying around.

Source: Irish Spring

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